Many of you couldn’t make it to our event on Tuesday, so we decided to share some highlights from Jennifer Maroney’s awesome presentation about Linkedin.

For those of you who don’t know Jenn, she’s the alumni director for the School of Accountancy. Having more than 6,000 connections on Linkedin, she has helped plenty of students find their dream job.

Here are some of Jenn’s tips:

  • Use Linkedin to learn about companies. You can look at the resumes of their employees to figure out what requirements the firm has for their prospective employees (e.g. Nike only hires accountants with years of experience, especially experience in corporate accounting).


  • The more words you have on your profile, the more hits you’ll get from “headhunters”, so don’t be afraid to go into detail when describing your work experience.
  • Quantitative job descriptions work best. Use numbers to show the results of your job experience (e.g. instead of writing “I filed taxes with the VITA program”, you could write “I filed taxes for 20 families with the VITA program”).
  • Use a professional picture for your profile picture. Don’t just crop a picture from your wedding. It’s lazy, and recruiters will notice.
  • Provide a good summary of yourself. Briefly explain what your skills and aspirations are right below your profile picture. Include something that can help you be more memorable (e.g. marathon runner, dancer, etc)
  • Include awards and club involvement on your profile.
  • Connect with Jenn Maroney, Jeff Wilks, your peers, and BYU Accounting. Follow the Marriott School of Business and BYU. These connections will make your profile look a lot more impressive and professional.
  • If you are not in the program yet, you can act like someone who is going to graduate from the accounting program. Say you are “Pre Junior-Core”
  • Reach out to alumni who work at the firms you’re interested in. Type in the name of the firm you’re looking for, go to “all filter” and refine your search by university, firm or location. You’ll get a list of all the Marriott School alumni working at the location of your choice. At that point, its time to connect! Write a simple message like “Hi, my name is John Doe, and I am a 2019 BYU MAcc candidate. Jenn Maroney suggested I reach out to you. I would like to learn more about your career path, and what things are like at KPMG. Can we connect?” NEVER GO FOR THE JUGULAR-Don’t ask them directly for a job. That will happen naturally as you speak with them. Once you’re connected, you can access their email, and set up an informational interview (15 minutes). During the interview, ask more specific questions about their experience with the firm itself. You also may consider asking them if they have an internship position available.
Please feel free to reach out to us or to Jenn Maroney to get some feedback and tips to create/improve your Linkedin profile and make it stand out!

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