The BYU Accounting Clubs meet every Thursday at 11 AM. The different accounting clubs take turns each week hosting the events. For specific times, locations, and event details, check out our events calendar at

The Accounting Society is the umbrella organization for all accounting-related clubs, including Beta Alpha Si (BAP), Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and Women of the School of Accountancy (WSOA), and provides complementary and standalone activities with these clubs. The Society seeks to:

  • Help freshmen and sophomores explore accounting as a major and potential career path
  • Provide juniors with activities that provide avenues for socializing and networking
  • Give seniors and MAcc students a venue to give back to the School of Accountancy through mentoring younger students
  • Supply all students with information and professional connections that can help define future career options

To sign up, please visit A ribbon at the top has a “sign up” button – click it and proceed through the BYU website to register as a member of the club. Because we’re sponsored by the Accounting Program, there are $0 in dues for the club – you’ll still have to agree to pay the $0 and get a receipt – don’t be alarmed – all the other clubs have dues so this is natural. Registering will put you on our email list for events.

We would love to have you help out with the Accounting Society. We are looking for volunteers in a number of capacities, so check out our volunteer page to find out more.